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  About Baltic States

Human name: Eduard Von Bock
Official name: Eesti Vabariik
Capital: Tallinn
Official language: Estonian
Birthday: February 24
National flower: Corn flower
Voice actor: Atsushi Kousaka

The Baltic honors student who has avoided many a problem with an eternity of wit. Usually in front of people he acts cool, logical, and businessman-like, but in private heís pretty calm. With Finland he usually has some strange festivals and gets all pumped up. His dependence on Russia is low. Heís awesome with IT (Information Technology).

Human name: Raivis Galante
Official name: Latvijas Republika
Capital: Riga
Official language: Latvian
Birthday: November 18
National flower: Pipene
Voice actor: Kazutada Tanaka (anime), Rie Kugimiya (CD)

A boy who is a bit of an introvert and a withdrawn crybaby. You get the feeling heís been involved in a lot of strange things. When his dependence on Russia was at its highest, he tried and tried and failed at trying to cut ties. Right now he just wants a close friend. He doesn't look like it, but he's a heavy drinker.

Human name: Toris Lorinaitis
Official name: Lietuvos Respublika
Capital: Vilnius
Official language: Lithuanian
Birthday: February 16
National flower: Common rue
Voice actor: Ken Takeuchi

Polandís partner. It feels like heís usually just dragged around by him, but he has a good time. Heís pretty serious with a lot of patience, but he usually thinks too much, gets depressed and gives himself a stomachache. During the time of the Soviet Union, it was like waking up to a strange theme park being built. Anyway, after gaining independence from Russia, heís currently rehabilitating with Poland.

Bio translations from Scanlation Index, original descriptions here.

  Why Them

What are you talking about, why them? Don't you think they're just the sweetest bunch? Not only do I happen to love the characters individually, they are such a sad group of Russia's abused boyslaves and I love how they stick together because of this. Misery likes company, I suppose.