Wait, what?
The website you have stumbled upon is dedicated to Restaurant Bob, a humble little restaurant for hedgehogs. We are located in the backyard of our webmaster Kata's house in Oulu, Finland. We opened our doors in the summer 2012.

Bob who?
As you may have noticed, all wild hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) visiting us are called Bob. This is thanks to me not being able to tell hedgehogs apart at first, and when the first one appeared I decided at random to call it Bob. After Bob had visited my backyard for a week or so, I suddenly realized that it was in fact several hedgehogs that just appeared at different times making me mistake them for one. So, to save the trouble, I decided to name them all Bob.

When are you open?
We open in the spring when the first hedgehog finds its way to our backyard (around May) and close when they have all gone to hibernate (around September). What comes to our day schedule, we're open according to the demand but usually from six pm til morning.

What do you serve?
In the summer, our menu is mostly composed of dry cat food soaked in water. At times canned cat food is also served. In the fall fattening food (such as cooked minced meat) is often added to the menu when many hedgehogs need to gain more weight to survive the winter. In 2013 we also experimented on creating a new recipe of fattening food with cooked minced meat, liver, egg, and a bit of grated carrot and rice.

How many hedgehogs visit your restaurant?
Truth be told, I don't have the slightest idea as they come and go and most come out late at night when I'm sleeping already. In busy months it tends to be 5-10.

About Bed & Breakfast Bob
In 2013 Pete (a relative of the webmaster) kindly built a winter lodging place for hedgehogs. It has two separate rooms and entries on opposite sides of the building. The removable roof is covered with asphalt felt and interior decoration done with sand, soil and hay.

How can I contact you?
If you have something you wish to ask, comment, etc. you can reach me by e-mailing to

If you want help or advice on caring for your hedgehogs, in many cases it is better to turn to people who know better than me: if you're Finnish, I recommend checking SiiliKiikarissa.fi, and if they can't answer your question then you can try turning to the societies and people on this page. For people from other countries, I advice you to google your local wildlife shelters for questions.


Webmaster: Kata
The founder and sole employee of the restaurant.
University student living in Oulu.
Can also be found on Deviantart and Koomalaama.net.

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