O U R   K I N D   S U P P O R T E R S

All the Bobs thank you ♥

W A N T   T O   H E L P ?

Feeding hedgehogs began as a fun something to do, but news of the restaurant spread fast and before I knew it my restaurant was full of hedgehogs. I could no longer just take some dry cat food from my cats' bags, but had to start buying big bags and cans of cat food just for the hedgehogs. At best, they eat four cans of cat food per day.

It's important for hedgehogs to eat a lot too: Finland's winter is especially cold, so hedgehogs will need to gain more weight than elsewhere in order to survive. Hedgehog restaurants like Restaurant Bob help them in this mission by feeding them and keeping an eye on their weight - if too small hedgehogs show up in the fall, they get special fatty diet.

You can also give a helping hand. I have heard that there are people on the Internet who also care a great deal about wild hedgehogs.

So, if you wish to donate even a dollar to help me help these buggers, IT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

Bob drawn by Tiia Orre.

ALL donated money goes to feeding hedgehogs, and if it happened that some was left over, that money would be DONATED to FINNISH HEDGEHOG CARETAKERS and those few animal shelters we have. Thus I make no profit with this.

When making a donation, please mention if you wish to stay anonymous or go by an alias in the public donator list.

For any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at !