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Pocket-sized Propaganda Minister
Who: Joseph Goebbels
When: November 2010
How: ink, computer

Time for the obligatory speech: I'm interested in the people of Third Reich as historical figures only and do not support their ideas. Besides, I'd make a lousy Neo Nazi. Thank you.

If only I had known what would happen when I decided to draw Dresscode Crisis... First I just read Goebbels' Wikipedia article to find out how he should be depicted in the comic, but then I ended up finding him so interesting I borrowed some books about him from the library and devoured them at once. He's most likely the most interesting historical figure for me now, and all the crazy stories about him never cease to amuse me. Drawing him in chibi form seems so very wrong, but that's why it was so very fun.

For those who don't know, Goebbels was Nazi Germany's propaganda minister and a tiny little man. He had tons of nicknames such as "malicious/poison dwarf", "Europe's Mephistopheles" and "the nazi megaphone", the last one being the reason for him yelling the message of nazism like this. The background is referenced from this propaganda poster by the way.