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Dresscode Crisis
When: November 2010
How: ink, markers, computer


...But let's try to explain this. One day I decided to have an unofficial 24 hour comic day (24 hours to make 24 comic pages) with my friends. I had come up with all sorts of dramatic and serious ideas for a comic, but when it was time to start drawing I really didn't feel like them after all but wanted to draw something utterly random and horrible.

Which somehow meant "shota Hitler" in my head.

My only regret is that this was the very first time I'd ever drawn Goebbels and I didn't even know anything about him back then, so he doesn't look anything like himself. Can't really redraw him either as the whole point was that this was all drawn in those 24 hours. Ah well.
(Also, it bothers me like whoa that I made this happen at SS headquarters. Why on earth would Goebbels and Hitler hang out there...?)