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Who: Kazutaka Muraki, Hisoka Kurosaki and Asato Tsuzuki
Whose: Yami no Matsuei aka Descendants of Darkness (c) Yoko Matsushita
When: 2006-2007
How: ink, computer

A bit older comic I found on my computer. I think this was the latter page of a two-page comic, but the first page was just introduction to this and not that important so I never bothered to ink it.

Alien!Robot!Muraki, his queen Hisoka and Tsuzuki (as well as me and a random friend of mine at the end of the page). The bad balance on the lower part of the page hurts my eyes, but for some reason it wouldn't co-operate with me.

...I may have put this up just for the line "I hope you like green. That's what our children will be." XD

PS. I know, I say "should have ended" even though the series hasn't ended yet. Just ignore that, okay?