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Who: Joseph Goebbels
Whose: Goebbels (c) himself, Nazis vs Zombies (c) me
When: April 2011
How: ink, black marker, computer

So now we enter Nazis vs Zombies universe, my horrible brainchild.

When thinking about the zombie invasion I suddenly realized that Goebbels would definitely want to keep a diary about everything, but then it somehow became a Watchmen parody in my head. XD Yeah, vague parody is vague, but I had fun drawing it. Even if I'm aware that the black and white aren't very well balanced as I had to draw parts of this separately and then combine with a computer, buuut whatever.

Don't really know if my handwriting's readable, so I'll write the text again here just in case: "Third day of the zombie invasion. Those fuckers bled on my spare suit as well. How's a man supposed to look presentable here?!"