» Comiket 78 (Aug 13th - Aug 15th, 2010)

Please no stealing photos, just e-mail me if you wish to use some. Thank you!

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This time I made a separate section for Comiket photos as there were quite many of them, you can see other photos from the Japan trip these were taken on here.

There it is~

Sadly I had no time to visit the cosplay area at all on Friday as my whole time was spent shopping then. It was a bummer especially because Friday was the Hetalia day at Comiket and I saw many great cosplayers wandering around shopping. I also gave some salmiakki to some Finland cosplayers I ran across, so it would have been cool to get to take photos of them with salmiakki too (taking photos is strictly prohibited outside the cosplay area), but no can do.

This Miku was so beautiful. ;_;

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