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So here you have picture proof of my magical third trip to Japan! This time I went with my sister and spent two weeks roaming Tokyo. Again. Why go elsewhere when I still have tons to see there?

Obligatory plane shot! Taken because it amused me to notice that text on the wing during the flight: "DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE THIS AREA"

During the first weekend, JR (Japan Railways) had some sort of a Pokemon event where you could get different Pokemon stamps from different JR stations in Tokyo, and if you gathered enough of those you got something cool, never heard what though. So because of this many parents and their children were taking trains around Tokyo that weekend.

...If you know me I'm sure you knew to expect this. XD According to Pokemon Master Tika, that's Sunkern.

...I don't get that Pocari Sweat company's slogan. :I "Acure to flower"? The text on the bottle said something about being "a cure to the thirst", so a cure to what? A flower? Uh.

Speaking of which, I've tasted the mighty Pocari Sweat drink!! Dun dun dun~

My first comment: "My god, this really DOES taste like sweat!"
...It did. :I That sweat drink was everywhere, when you were trying to buy water from the bottle machines many bottles had clear liquid in them and said "water" on the bottle, but damnit, many of them were actually Pocari clones! Where's my water?!

Akihabara! Every single otaku store was playing K-on!'s newest ending and opening songs non-stop.

Someone had realized a great business idea after Hetalia's popularity. In most otaku stores there was a corner with plenty of products with flags printed on them, like mugs and keychains and towels and whatnot. I mean, that makes so much sense, Hetalia fans seem to love to buy things that hint towards their favorite character's country, so this stuff seemed to go really well over there. They weren't even made in co-operation with the Hetalia company, so someone had just hopped on a bandwagon and decided to make money. :D These were keychains.

SHAVED ICE ;__; That stuff saved me so many times, not only was it priceless to get to eat something so cold in that heat but after you had filled your stomach with it you could actually try eating something without risking throwing up. Booyah!

Engrish at the hotel. "Please use it freery. Please return the use back." It referred to a bottle of disinfectant, but apparently someone didn't return the use back because it wasn't there when I was taking a photo.

Ai Yazawa's art on a general hair dye box.

Bunnies (in ridiculously tiny cages) at a pet store!

In the stairs for the cat cafe there were photos of the cats with their names. I wonder what this one had done to get their name. :D

So we arrive to Nekobukuro located in Ikebukuro's Tokyu Hands! It's a cat cafe, though I think without the cafe part as there wasn't really anywhere to order drinks. Just a cat-petting place then. Anyway, you are allowed to take photos in places like these, but without flash not to frighten the kitties and I never care to start looking for camera settings that would give good photos, so these photos are somewhat blurry and fail.

While I thought the place had the most adorable interior decoration and some cute cats, the place was pretty much filled with little kids screaming and trying to pet the cats, so understandably the cats weren't really too co-operative there and spent their time trying to climb high places to get far away from the kids.


Some cats were behind a glass in little rooms, but the only staff member I found couldn't speak English so I never found out why exactly.


A cute picture on the wall. :D

I wish I knew what these said, the fake video covers had cat-parodies of popular movies' titles, like "Nyatrix" and "Nyaminator" and so on. (Nya is the sound a cat makes in Japanese.)

A sock store MIGHTY SOXER!

Outside Animate in Ikebukuro there was art by popular mangaka with several "do not photograph" signs, which I intended to obey at first but then I noticed "OMFG KAORU MORI AND HIMARUYA'S ART RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER" and photographed like crazy.

I rather enjoyed seeing all the different ways they had sectioned Hetalia doujinshi in doujinshi stores, in K-books they had these little flags and chibis showing where you found doujinshi of what character. :D

A weird statue in front of Ikebukuro station.

Ohoho, the movie posters~

We accidentally found the Ehkä Söpö store! 8D (For non-Finns, it's Finnish and means "maybe cute".)

Seeing as we were wandering around Sunshine City, of course I had to pay a visit to... Icecream city, the weird little ice cream shop where you can get flavours like cow tongue ice cream, snake ice cream, shark fin ice cream, and so on.

...Of which I ordered snake ice cream.

Taste test!

The result, the taste wasn't awfully strong, actually it reminded me of some special made ice creams like tofu ice cream or something like that, but the bigger chunks of snake were a bit weird to chew. X'D A bit leathery, you know, but overall very edible, so not bad at all.

My sis took a regular ice cream, some bigass shaved ice thing with plenty flavors. Though it was really another case of "well that looks good, I guess I'll order that", and then as they bring it "WHAT THE SHIT DID I JUST ORDER".

....Does someone want to explain these faces to me? :I I mean, everywhere I went I kept seeing Disney characters with this weird face plastered on them. What?

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