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While we were looking at the booths, a mikoshi had appeared in front of the temple.

Another one they were already carrying away. (Not exactly sure where though.)

A goofy looking shiisaa and that fence where you tie your fortune if it turns out to be a bad one.

A hakama man handing out fliers. :D

Girls getting ready to walk before the mikoshi. They always walked a couple steps, stopped, banged those metal rods against the ground, took a couple steps again, and so on.

There it goes~

Time to head back to the hotel. Lead the way Stitch! (My sister bought one of the balloon-jojo-whatever things even though we had no idea what they were. XD)

Saw a mikoshi on our way too.

Overall, Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri was great fun and very fascinating, so if you're in Tokyo in August I highly recommend you visit it, it was a very memorable day. ♥ Wasshoi!

An advertisement at a train station (in Akihabara if I remember correctly). First I just spotted Yotsuba, but then also Amira and went "dsfdssdfs" as expected. It seems like Otoyomegatari is at least somewhat popular in Japan as I saw it a couple times in things like this.

At some otaku store, a big Ghibli figure-statue-scenery.

Mameshiba corner at Donki! (>▽<)

I saw this intriguing logo design a few times before I finally realized it was the sign of a graveyard.

...Eva bottles. (Superman was also available.)

On the way to Ueno zoo there was this guy riding a horse.

Or as other people know him, "Prince Komatsu no Miya Akihito". Bigger image of the sign if you actually want to read it.

...Just what tree is this? Anyone recognize it?

Apparently Ueno zoo has earlier been famous for having a giant panda, but now there were signs around the area and at the ticket booth saying "No, you can't see a giant panda at Ueno zoo". This one explained why.

Anyway, I'll be nice and not post all the animal photos taken at the zoo as they may not be all that interesting. Not to mention that it was the hottest day so far so all the animals were as dead as we were and spent their time mainly loitering in shade. XD

Red pandas were awesome even when asleep :D This one was asleep too, but it had its eyes open and it kept moving and snarling in its sleep. Aww.

This tiger was cooling off by the glass which people greatly appreciated.

Awesome monkey thing. XD It kept sitting on the fence like that just watching people.

People took a lot of "spot the resemblance" photos.


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