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Let's begin with a photo of the young travelers! Here you'll also see the airplane that was awesome in every way possible. Everyone had their
own entertainment unit with tons of fresh-out-of-the-oven movies, TV shows, Internet connection and what-not. Not only that, they gave us
so much free stuff, all the Coca Cola cans I got truly touched my heart. ;_; It was a very happy flight.

But of course there was a phone next to the toilet in our hotel room, how could we even consider taking care of our business without that?

Why yes - I have used one of those toilets with an IQ higher than human's. >8D I just wish I knew who went and said "hey, you know what
toilets are missing? A hot water spray right between your buttocks!"

Spent the rest of our first day wandering around Shinjuku and found a shop with a magazine shelf (in other words, time to check out
some manga magazines). I just didn't exactly fit in as there were lots of older guys in suits reading manga to their heart's content.

This was a creepy building, it was built the way that if you looked up at it it looked just like it was falling right on you. >_>;

Ooh, first school uniform sighting!

Off to Tokyo Tower!

Some sights from the tower.

The Tokyo Tower female staff had the cutest uniforms. ;__; Sadly I didn't get to take very good photos, but here are some quick snapshots.

(Apparently also took a photo of a guy taking a photo.)

Our next destination was Imperial Palace Plaza. Visitors weren't allowed inside, but snatched these photos from the outside.

Our guide asked if mom and I wanted her to take a photo of us standing in front of the building (tourist shot lol), and we thought why
not. So, here's the obligatory tourist photo.

Koi! ;_; These damn fish were huge and swam so close to the surface.

...And then our bus drove through Akihabara. >83 My first time in the otaku Mecca, it may have been brief but I photographed like a
crazy tourist otaku I am.

I think that was an advertisement for a maid cafe or something, whatever it was it had a maid and I took a photo of it.

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