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Please no stealing photos, just e-mail me if you wish to use some. Thank you!

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Arrived at Asakusa Kannon Temple.

And apparently mom took a photo of me with it. x3

I think breathing the smoke was good luck or made you purer or something, so that's what people did.

I wanted to try one of these prayers and prayed for success in matriculation exams I had coming. The answer didn't promise well though.
(You can see the other side here in case it makes sense to you.)

...So I tied it to the fence thing to neutralize it. I'm actually kinda glad I got a bad fortune so I got to do this part too.

Next to the temple was a shopping lane Nakamise...

...where I found "Maid Cookies". :D

(I don't really know who this is, feel free to inform me if you do.)

The lady working for the bus company had a cute uniform.

...Then we ran to the subway station and headed for Akihabara for some otaku shopping. Here's a random sign from the station.

A maid cafe advertisement.

In Akihabara, even garbage cans are anime related. XD

A Kona that leapt through time~ ♥

I also have a photo of myself standing behind the sign, but no way am I showing that. :'D The small text next to the guy in the picture
says "Cool Old Dude" in English. Afterwards I realized it was actually Taro Aso, wonder why they didn't write that in English.

I encountered a pachinko place for the first time. I'm telling you, if you haven't been to one of those you can't possible imagine the
noise, it was almost physically painful. There's no way that could be in health regulation limits. >_o (Oh, and as you can see
this place was Evangelion themed.)

There was also a life-size Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley inside, too bad the photos didn't turn out too well (didn't know if photos
were allowed so took them very quickly).

Getting to know the local food culture, aka McDonald's. XD

I don't have much photos of otaku places in Akihabara as photos weren't allowed there, so I concentrated on shopping instead of
photographing. One more look at Akihabara and it's time to leave for the station.

On our way we found a Heidi Club though.

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