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Here are also a couple bad photos of the statues. (The second and third photos might be too dark, but just imagine a big Buddha there.)

Daibutsuden in Todai-ji, where the statues were.

It started raining mightily that day, but to Rokuon-ji Temple we still went. Here's a photo of Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion).

The garden of Nijo Castle.

Then we went to Kasuga Shrine. Here's some pretty building (and a deer) I saw by the road.

It smelled human flesh, run! D8

The next two days were spent wandering around Kyoto. At the Kyoto station were these Osamu Tezuka themed info tables/timetables/whatever
they were (among other Tezuka things, but I don't have a photo of those).

To our great surprise we found absolutely wonderful shopping districts (Shinkyogoku and Teramachi) in Kyoto and spent the next
two days there. These are from the food market Nishiki.

Found my new home!
Sadly had no time to actually visit it, but if nothing else I know where to go if I need to spend a night in Kyoto.

Yeah, even Happy Meals were anime themed.

For some reson mom was fascinated by how the menus all food places put outside to attract customers had plastic examples of the food with them.

...And then we went and found Mini-Cafe Sinivalkoinen. 8D

For anyone not familiar with Finnish, "sinivalkoinen" is Finnish for "blue-white", Finland's national colors. It really was a mini-cafe, only
room for two or three little tables, and apparently it was a Christian cafe and the Finnish theme was the idea of their Finnish missionary.
There was no actual fee for the drinks or cake (which seemed to be all they served), it was all free, but the point was that there was a little
donation box so if you ate and drank something it was appreciated if you donated a little bit to their church.

Another photo I took from the outside, of the stairs that had Finnish phrases in them.

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