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Please no stealing photos, just e-mail me if you wish to use some. Thank you!

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So these are the photos I took from my second trip to Japan (this time completely alone, I am quite shocked I made it back in one piece). About 60 % of these are cosplay photos from Comiket though, be prepared.

First off let me show you my amazing accommodation. I stayed at Capsule Inn Akihabara for the whole week (right in the heart of Akihabara) even when I had my doubts about the place when making the reservation. I was sure I'd end up gaining a bunch of new phobias after the first night and sleep outside for the rest of the trip, but the whole place was a very positive experience. I can whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone: the staff was very nice and spoke about understandable English (!), the visitors had everything from shower rooms to TV and Internet, and the feeling of the place was just wonderfully laid-back and relaxed. Last time I was staying at some 4 star hotel with mom, but this sort of place was much more to my liking. If anyone is considering reserving a capsule from there but wants to know some details or just talk about the place in general, do feel free to contact me at kata.elf(a)gmail.com.

Right, and the capsules were nowhere near as scary as they'd seemed online, they were wonderfully comfortable and big. (Maybe with the most uncomfortable pillow in the world, but hey, I can sleep fine without one too.)

Everyone, this is a capsule. (No, there's no glass in front of it like it had looked in the pictures on the site. Much better this way.)

A closer look inside, the control area (alarm clock, radio, lights, whatnot), lights and... something else sticking out of the ceiling.

One morning I couldn't sleep and took this photo of the view in front of me while lying down in the capsule. It's the TV and the entrance with curtains down for the night.

The time difference was messing with me and I woke up far too early on my first day and ended up wandering around Akihabara before any shops were open, so passed time taking photos of advertisements.

Hey, I saw this sign the last time I was here~

A cosplay costume (Soul Eater) in Tora no Ana's window.

Had to kill time before meeting my Finnish Comiket-pal Nina and wandered to Tokyo Anime Center. Didn't know if photos were allowed, so snapped the following ones quickly with my cell phone.

Moomin banks from their Moomin corner. Took a photo because AHAHA I HAVE ONE OF THESE AND I GOT IT FOR FREE. >8D 1575 my ass.

Swedish in my Japan. o_o

Sat down for a bit and photographed the dolls and statues in front of me. Guess twice which anime trailer was showing on the screen (the first guess doesn't count).

Haruhi Suzumiya cosplayers in a rush.

Then Saturday finally came, and with it the first day of Comiket. This is from the Kokusai-Tenjijo station when I realized that I can see the Big Sight Building and spazzed a bit.

A view from the cosplay area.

A close-up of the triangles~ (I'm so close to them~ 8D)

Then some cosplay photos from Saturday, but because I was in a bit of a hurry I only took a couple and they really aren't very good, so don't let these discourage you, there's plenty more and better from Sunday. XD

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