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This Chise had awesome wings, too bad I don't have a better photo of them.

The first thing you see when going to the women's toilet in the cosplay area. It had a nice "...I can hold" effect on people.

While running out of the cosplay area I saw this cosplayer and decided to take a photo before leaving, but she was so popular I couldn't even get close to her so just took some with people in the way.

Later that day Nina and I were looking for a butler cafe (which we never found) and while walking the street I suddenly saw cats and spazzed.

Turned out it was a cat cafe that had already closed its doors, but swore to visit it later. (Which I did, but more about that later.)

The butler cafe decided to have disappeared, so tired from walking we just chose the maid cafe closest to us. (There were so many in Akihabara, how can they all survive right next to each other?)

(Never mind the "Closed" sign, took this photo next day when passing the place again. Also, do ignore my awful reflection. XD;)

Nina ordered an omelet and the maid asked what she wanted her to draw on it with ketchup, and she drew this cat while we watched. :'3

A cat.

...Which I stalked. x3 May have had withdrawal symptoms from being so far away from my own cats.

Sunday, and back to Comiket. This bus was promoting some series, there were screens with the trailer running in its windows too.

Approaching the Big Sight again~ I came a lot later this day, so the crowd leaving and entering the building is already much smaller.

This time headed straight to the cosplay area. I have now seen a kigurumi cosplay in person and was relieved to notice that they aren't really all that scary in person. XD

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